The warm months are considered “Kitten Season,” and you may be like many people who decide to take a new kitten into your home. Kittens need special care, to keep them safe and healthy. Your vet can be your partner in helping to maintain your kitten’s health. At The Cat Clinic in Cathedral City, CA, we offer new kitten care to help your new pet get a good start.

Special Problems of Kittens

Because their systems are not fully developed, kittens are vulnerable to certain problems, such as respiratory infections. Kittens may also acquire intestinal worms that can weaken their health. Your vet can provide a number of effective medications to eliminate worms. Vomiting is a common problem in cats and may begin early in kittenhood. Generally, it’s not a cause for concern, but a change in food may be helpful. Some kittens develop diarrhea, and this problem should be checked by your vet to detect any serious health issues.  Fleas can be a problem in young kittens, so you should take appropriate flea control measures.

Your New Kitten’s First Examination

The vet will take your kitten’s temperature and check the animal’s eyes, ears, mouth, and throat. Palpating, that is, feeling the joints and abdomen allows the vet to detect any abnormalities that shouldn’t be there. The vet will also check the kitten’s skin and coat.  A fecal sample will be taken to test for worms. Blood will also be taken to detect any abnormalities in your pet’s body chemistry. The vet will also watch your kitten walk a few steps, to check for any problems with the muscles and joints.

Kitten Health & Safety

Good nutrition is critical for young kittens, so choose a commercial brand that is specially formulated for kittens. Young animals don’t have fully developed immune systems, so vaccinating them against common cat diseases is critical to maintaining good health. Go through your home and check for hazards, such as electrical cords that can be chewed, household chemicals or Venetian blind cords that could cause strangulation. Teach your kitten to stay away from doorways, to prevent wandering, loss, and accidents. Visit the veterinarian regularly for a checkup and to update immunizations.

Make The Cat Clinic Your Veterinarian in Cathedral City

Dr. Allen and the team at The Cat Clinic are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for their patients in Cathedral City and surrounding communities. Our cat hospital offers a broad range of vet services, including wellness exams, preventative care, spaying and neutering, dentistry, general surgery, diagnostics, and urgent care. Call The Cat Clinic today at (760) 325-3400 for an appointment to have your new kitten examined, to ensure better health and development.